Go Electric: Power up your savings
for a greener New Mexico


Do you have an old furnace you’d like to replace with a more efficient heat pump? Are you worried about hazardous fumes from your gas stove? Swamp cooler not keeping up? Confused by EV tax credits? Want to install solar, but not sure you can afford it?

Our Energy Experts will draw up a Personal Electrification Plan, point you to tax credits, rebates and loans that will save you money and then direct you to vendors who can start your install.

The Festival can save you thousands of dollars in installation, fuel and maintenance costs while reducing your climate emissions and improving indoor air quality.

At the Festival you can learn about:

  • Weatherizing and insulating your home

    Information on upgrading windows, doors, window treatments and films, which can reduce both energy use by 35% and the cost of a heat pump you install later.

  • Electric Heat Pumps

    that both heat and cool your home, and they do it 3-5 times more efficiently. They come as mini-splits for individual rooms or whole house ducted systems

  • Heat Pump Water Heater

    Replacing a gas or electric water heater with a heat pump water heater is 2-3 times more efficient

  • Heat Pump Dryers

    More efficient than gas dryers and they don’t need vents—perfect for apartments and houses!

  • Induction cooktops

    that do not emit fumes hazardous to your family’s health. Plus they are faster, more precise and perform better than gas stoves.

  • Solar Energy and Storage

    Installing solar and/or battery storage at your house or subscribing to a Community Solar project can lower your energy bill up to 30% and increase your energy independence and resiliency.

  • Electric Vehicles (EV) and e-Bikes

    can get you around town for less than $1/gallon equivalent. We will show you how!  Talk to EV owners, e-bike owners, and dealers and learn about tax credits and rebates that slash the price of installing EV chargers for cars and trucks.

  • Home and Garden

    Conserving water, planting water-wise species, and transitioning to electric landscaping tools are easy ways every household can reduce waste/emissions and increase sustainability.

  • Financing

    Learn how to optimize rebates, tax credits, and loans to fund your projects and save money from day 1. These incentives come from the Inflation Reduction Act, the state and electricity providers. 

Hispanic man in front of solar panel
Solar Energy & Storage
EV Charging
EV Charging
Induction Cooking
Induction Cooking
Air Source Heat Pump
Air Source Heat Pump
Mini Split Heat Pumps
Mini Split Heat Pumps

For a FREE Electrification Plan at the Festival
please fill out this form or the one on your ticket registration.

To get the most out of our guidance for an Electrification Plan please bring the following information with you to the Festival:

  1. Household square footage
  2. When residence was built
  3. Recent gas, propane, and electricity bill (or log in information to retrieve it at the Festival)
  4. The maximum amount of current that is allowed into your residence. You can find this in your electrical panel breaker box. The topmost main switch should give you the total amount of incoming electricity the panel can handle, typically 100 amps - 200 amps. In the photo this is 100 Amps. Also note if there are any empty slots below the top switch that are not being used. (You can also bring a photo as long as we can read the numbers on the switches.)
electric panel with finger flipping breaker